Wise-Hamlin Chooses Gammaflux

Wise-Hamlin Plastics, St. Charles, IL USA
Custom Molder - Medical Enclosures, Consumer Products, Safety Products as well as Fitness related products

Medical Device - 0.840 grams part weight
Weight to be held +/- .010 grams

Material: Polypropylene

Gammaflux Controller: GLC2K

Problem: Wise-Hamlin is running a "lights-out" molding operation with 3 machines, each with 8-cavity molds producing a medical device. However, frequent problems with flash, blocked gates, and uneven weight issues meant an operator needed to inspect every molded part for quality, costing the company thousands of dollars and requiring constant mold "tweaking" and inspection.

Solution: After contacting Gammaflux, the company provided a free loaner system - and the improvements were immediate. By connecting a laptop computer to the controller and accessing Gammaflux proprietary Mold Doctor software, Wise-Hamlin could diagnose weak heater performance on some of the hot runner drops. By identifying the problem and making the necessary adjustments, the flash and gate blockage issues disappeared - and productivity improved.

"I didn't believe that a controller change would make much difference, but since Gammaflux was willing to provide the free loaner system, we decided to try it - and the change was amazing. The Gammaflux software showed us right away what was wrong - we saw that some heaters on our hot runner system were weaker than others. We finally got the molds running the way they should. Since then we've bought 3 additional GLC controllers, and will use Gammaflux for a new project that we have coming up."

-Dave Laboda, Wise-Hamlin Plastics

Additional Benefits: By taking advantage of the "Gammaflux Challenge" and trying the GLC controller on their application, Wise-Hamlin saw first-hand how a Gammaflux hot runner controller can solve difficult molding problems. The free trial provided a no-risk opportunity to troubleshoot the process and proved that oftentimes, a simple controller change can make troublesome tools run like they were designed.