Simplicity, Reliability Make the Difference

Gammaflux Controllers Make Life Easier for Jarden Plastic Solutions


Jarden Plastic Solutions, Greer, SC USA
Key contact: Glynn Clements, Sr. Tooling Engineer
Custom & Proprietary Molder – division of publicly-traded Jarden Corporation. Multiple locations (SC, PA, NY, MO, AR, ME, United Kingdom) with over 200 injection molding machines, and over 1,000 molds. Products molded include proprietary closures, packaging, consumer goods, and precision medical parts.


Jarden Plastic Solutions (formerly Unimark) is a custom molder with a well-earned reputation; the company was awarded Plastics News' prestigious "Processor of the Year" award in 2003. That award recognizes companies for excellence in seven areas: financial performance, quality, customer relations, employee relations, environmental record, public service efforts and technological innovation. In the "Quality" category, a big part of Jarden's success comes from their use of Gammaflux Hot Runner Temperature Controllers.

Over the past 15 years, Jarden has purchased over 100 Gammaflux controllers to handle the demands of their hot runner tools. Glynn Clements, Sr. Tooling Engineer at Jarden, says there are a number of reasons for this:

-good working relationship with Dave List, Gammaflux's Regional Manager – Southeast, and Mike Miles of Gammaflux sales representative, Plastic Systems, Inc. – "Their service is key to our relationship – they are friendly and technically competent," he said. -the Gammaflux systems work well – they offer outstanding, tight temperature control, which is critical to producing quality parts – and their simplicity of operation sets them apart from other controllers -reliability of the Gammaflux controllers is also an important attribute – "From our experience, we take the Gammaflux controllers out of the box, hook them up and they run, run well, and don't stall out," said Clements -Gammaflux software is also simple to use – "It makes it easy for our operators to troubleshoot any hot runner problems, and they can do their own calibration," he said.


Jarden had a customer that specified they use a competitor's controllers on four tools. Those controllers "didn't start-up or work properly, even when their technician came in to replace some control cards," said Clements. Jarden also has two other competitors' controllers, but they don't offer the same quality temperature control as Gammaflux. "We've tested all of these systems and Gammaflux consistently provides the most precise temperature control, which is what we need to achieve tighter processing parameters, which ultimately improves the quality of our molded parts," said Clements. "Some of these other systems have shown temperature drift of +/- 30F."


"We have used Gammaflux systems for over fifteen years now, and have had virtually no service issues. We've used the old Gammaflux Series 900 and 9500 systems, the TTC and GLC systems, and now we're buying the new LEC products – I believe we were their first customer for this new product in the U.S.. With the LEC, Gammaflux has achieved it all – fast delivery, low cost, and great quality. These systems provide the quality control we've come to expect from Gammaflux, with a faster delivery and lower cost than before."

-Glynn Clements, Sr. Tooling Engineer, Jarden Plastic Solutions