Gammaflux / Medline Case History

This control system actually increased production 30%, because it allowed us to speed up our cycle.

Gammaflux Europe GmbH Case History

We made the TTC controller a permanent fixture in our production facility. For more than ten months, our production of packaging closures and similar parts in three other multi-cavity molds has been running without a hitch.

Gammaflux / Pixley-Richards Case History

We have tried other hot runner temperature controllers, but none of them performed as well as Gammaflux.

Simplicity, Reliability Make the Difference

These systems (LEC) provide the quality control we've come to expect from Gammaflux, with a faster delivery and lower cost than before.

Wise-Hamlin Chooses Gammaflux

I didn't believe that a controller change would make much difference... the change was amazing.

Leading USA-based Molder of Medical Devices

With the Gammaflux controllers in place, we can easily diagnose whether a molding problem is due to the controller or the hot runner mold.

Leading Industry Moldmaker

...it is the Gammaflux software features that provide what others can't.