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Sterling, VA (October 15, 2009) . . . Gammaflux L.P., the world’s leading supplier of hot runner temperature control systems, has introduced several software enhancements to its line of TTC hot runner temperature controllers. These improvements help molders more easily identify problems, thereby reducing hot runner system downtime and improving productivity.

These updates are integrated into all new TTC controllers effective immediately, and are being made available to all customers with existing TTC systems free of charge. TTC controllers with these new features will be shown for the first time at the Fakuma international trade fair in Friedrichschafen, Germany October 13-17, 2009. Gammaflux will be exhibiting in Hall A7, Stand 7221.

“These enhancements are all designed to keep molders running and to identify problems before they cause mold and hot runner system damage,” said Mike Brostedt, Gammaflux Director of Market Development.

The enhancements include:

  • Temperature monitoring and alarming function for water temperatures;
  • A new “OK to Run” status screen to easily identify whether the system is OK or not, and if not, what the problem is; and
  • Watt alarm modification to alert molders to potential material leakage in the hot runner manifold.

Process Temperature Monitoring and Alarm

This new feature allows molders to monitor any non-control temperature input. Either a high or low temperature alarm can be programmed and the action selected. If the temperature is outside the limit the controller can be put into standby or inhibited. Additionally, it is possible to communicate this alarm to other equipment via the new “OK to Run” output.

“This is a tightly integrated measurement that can ensure a process such as cooling water is working properly,” said Brostedt. “All hot runner molding applications can really benefit from this type of protection. It prevents excessive heat to the hot runner, which can cause nozzle and manifold cracking, which leads to major system damage and downtime.”

Another variation of this new feature can benefit molders who need a certain aesthetic finish on the molded part. By setting the controller zone to achieve a particular surface temperature in the mold cavity, the thermocouple at the cavity can detect the temperature and indicate if all is OK, or if there is a problem.

Finally, another useful feature of this function can protect hot runner valve gate system users. The monitoring function can prevent valve pins from operating if the temperature is not correct. This prevents costly valve pin and nozzle damage.

OK to Run Status Screen

A new “OK to Run” screen has been created, where “OK to Run” means all unlocked zones in the controller must be ‘On’, ‘at set point’, with ‘no alarms’. It serves as a safety feature, providing users with an easy status report showing whether all control zones are ‘OK to Run’ or not. A ‘Status of OK to Run’ button has been added to the bottom of the zone’s alarm screen that allows the user easy access to the screen.

If there is a problem in any zone, the screen tells the user exactly what is preventing the system from working. In addition, the red flasher circuit at the top of the TTC control screen can be activated with a simple command to flash whenever the controller is “not OK to Run”. This feature helps molders identify problems and prevent scrap parts.

Watt Alarm Modification

This improvement to the TTC controller tells the user if there is a leak in their hot runner system. “This feature basically identifies material leaks in the hot runner system before they spread beyond the original leak,” said Brostedt. “While our controllers already had this feature, we have improved it by making it more accurate and easier for users to set up the alarm.”

The new, more accurate leak detection method takes the average of each zone’s output wattage and compares it with the watt alarm setpoints. The controller takes the average of 100 screen update samples; if the average wattage exceeds the watt alarm setpoints for four sample periods, the alarm activates.

Molders using hot runner systems more prone to leakage, such as low mass systems with miniature nozzles, will benefit greatly from this feature. By detecting a material leak at its earliest stages, the controller can shut down the affected zone at the mold cavity, minimizing nozzle damage.

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Based in Sterling, Va. U.S.A., Gammaflux L.P. is a leading supplier of hot runner temperature control systems to the plastics injection molding industry. Long known for innovation in control technology, Gammaflux developed the first products to anticipate temperature changes, sense wiring and heater problems, and react instantly to avoid serious mold damage. Combining digital capabilities with precision analog control, Gammaflux systems enable the user to achieve centralized command of molding systems and retrieve critical data for performance analysis. The company serves multiple plastics industry markets including automotive, medical, packaging, electronics, household products, and tool building.

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