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New Version 2.0 Software for Touchscreen Interface, Integrated Transformer Options Now Available

Sterling, VA (February 14, 2003) . . . Gammaflux L.P. has introduced two new features for its TTC family of hot runner temperature control systems. The new version 2.0 software for the TTC touchscreen interface provides users with a wealth of new features that enhance the systems' usability and data gathering. The new integrated transformer pod for the TTC is capable of housing up to a 45 kva transformer without dramatically increasing the footprint of the controller.

The original TTC Touchscreen Interface features up to 256 zones of control, a built-in Windows NT Operating System and advanced capabilities for hot runner users. Now, with the introduction of Gammaflux version 2.0 software, the TTC hot runner control systems can provide additional features, including:

  • networking via Ethernet IP - remote access to the TTC controllers via computer now allows users to view real-time data, and make changes if necessary. Spreadsheets can be set up that allow "at-a-glance" overviews of the entire system. In addition, for OEM's using Windows NT software to control their molding machine, this feature allows for remote communication with the TTC hot runner controller through the use of the touchscreen monitor; - daisy chaining enclosures - allows zones in one TTC controller to be appended or daisy-chained to another TTC controller. This feature allows users to expand the use of the TTC from controlling a maximum of 256 zones, which was the previous maximum, to controlling as many as 640 zones with the smallest footprint in the industry. Only one touchscreen interface is required for controlling multiple control units;
  • software thermocouple rewire - detects cross-wired zones in a mold. When thermocouples from two zones are "swapped", this feature rectifies the situation;
  • sequenced power up - provides a choice of up to three menus to be restored automatically upon controller start-up, with timers defining the interval between the menus. This feature is available in both manual and automatic start-up;
  • foreign-language character sets - Kanji and other character sets are now available for all buttons, reports and tables;
  • data report storage - automatically creates reports upon expiration of programmed report time period, from 1-24 hours; reports are time-stamped and provided in PDF format.

Mike Brostedt, Gammaflux Director of Market Development, said that the new version 2.0 software provides users with the most comprehensive and advanced set of hot runner control options in the industry. "This software was designed with the advanced molder in mind, to provide them with the most complete set of tools possible to control and monitor their hot runner molding process," he said.

The new version 2.0 software is only for use with the TTC Touchscreen Interface. Gammaflux also offers its recently introduced TTC International Interface, which is a full-featured but lower-cost option for hot runner users that don't necessarily want or need all of the features of the TTC Touchscreen Interface. The TTC International Interface and the TTC Touchscreen Interface are also interchangeable, giving users "plug and play" capabilities should they desire to switch interfaces.

Introduced in 2001, the TTC Family of Hot Runner Temperature Control Systems from Gammaflux incorporate a host of features and improvements for hot runner system users, including:

  • user-friendly software and the choice of two user interfaces
  • expanded language conversion options and international icons
  • smaller footprint, and smaller price
  • flexible, expandable architecture which allows integration into any molding machine's control panel
  • enhanced algorithms for tighter temperature control
  • With the new version 2.0 software, the TTC can control from 12 - 640 zones. In addition, the TTC is available as a "panel mount" system, which allows the Gammaflux temperature control system to be employed by any injection molding machine as a direct tie-in to the machine's regular control panel, eliminating the need for the separate hot runner control cabinet and interface.
  • Like all Gammaflux hot runner control products, the TTC family features Gammaflux-proprietary PID2 control algorithms, which help deliver smooth, accurate temperature control. Completely modular design allows for quick, easy control card addition and replacement.

Designed for worldwide operation, the TTC family features true global input power flexibility so operators can quickly be up and running. Fast startup, multiple language conversion options, universally accepted icons, and security options all contribute to the systems' ease of use.

For complete information on the TTC family or other Gammaflux hot runner temperature control products, contact:

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