Leading Industry Moldmaker

...it is the Gammaflux software features that provide what others can't.

Leading USA-based Molder of Medical Devices

With the Gammaflux controllers in place, we can easily diagnose whether a molding problem is due to the controller or the hot runner mold.

Wise-Hamlin Chooses Gammaflux

I didn't believe that a controller change would make much difference... the change was amazing.

Simplicity, Reliability Make the Difference

These systems (LEC) provide the quality control we've come to expect from Gammaflux, with a faster delivery and lower cost than before.

Gammaflux / Pixley-Richards Case History

We have tried other hot runner temperature controllers, but none of them performed as well as Gammaflux.

Gammaflux Europe GmbH Case History

We made the TTC controller a permanent fixture in our production facility. For more than ten months, our production of packaging closures and similar parts in three other multi-cavity molds has been running without a hitch.

Gammaflux / Medline Case History

This control system actually increased production 30%, because it allowed us to speed up our cycle.