About Us

A Proud Tradition of Leadership in Temperature Control Technology

Since its founding in 1966, Gammaflux has set an uncompromising standard: to design and produce the most technologically advanced, highest-quality temperature control systems for the plastics industry. Because of this, the company has an excellent reputation globally as a product and service leader and innovator.


Gammaflux is more than just a supplier to our customers - we consider customers to be partners in the ongoing search for the best, most productive, and most cost-effective temperature control solutions possible.

Most Gammaflux temperature controllers are used on hot runner injection molding applications. However, they are also frequently used for controlling a wide variety of other plastics industry processes including thermoset, liquid injection molding (LIM), reaction injection molding (RIM), injection and extrusion blow molding, thermoforming, pipe/profile/sheet extrusion, and more.

These processes all have something in common: they all require temperature control. And if the temperature controller for any of these applications fails, the process either stops or is crippled. When this happens, who will you turn to for assistance?

When selecting a temperature control supplier, keep in mind that you are selecting a partner whose support is critical to your product and your profitability. Gammaflux is proud to partner with its customers and provides the consultative service and support you need to achieve success.

A Commitment to Quality, A Dedication to Development

The timeline above shows an impressive list of accomplishments since Gammaflux was founded in the 1960s. The Gammaflux name has long been synonymous with the highest technology and quality standards. Our systems are known for their reliability and durability under the most rugged of factory conditions. In fact, most of our customers report excellent results from Gammaflux controllers even after many years of demanding operation in their plants.

Since the early 1990s, Gammaflux has been introducing new products and technologies at an unprecedented rate. Many of these new products are the direct result of an ongoing dialogue with our customers to determine precisely what they need to improve their applications. Thanks to the dedication of our design, engineering and manufacturing teams, the Gammaflux standard has not only been upheld through these extremely dynamic years, but we've actually surpassed our customers' goals in many cases.

The plastics industry is dynamic and it continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Processors are challenged daily to meet or exceed lean manufacturing initiatives, and achieve the highest possible quality and productivity goals. Gammaflux will continue to stay ahead of this curve, providing the best temperature control products and technologies to support its customers and help them meet these objectives.