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Sterling, VA (March 23, 2015) . . . Gammaflux L.P., the world’s leading supplier of hot runner temperature control systems, will introduce two new options for its G24 hot runner temperature control systems product line at NPE 2015. Both options are designed to help increase productivity and profitability for injection molders.

Water Flow Monitoring

The new Water Flow Monitoring option can be added to any Gammaflux G24 controller. This option employs dual output flow and temperature sensors in the molding cell to monitor and ensure proper water flow throughout the mold. Adequate water flow in a hot runner mold is critical towards protecting water and valve gate seals, which will overheat and potentially leak without properly chilled, circulating water.

“Good parts are highly dependent on adequate cooling in the mold to control various aspects of the molded part including finish, shrinkage and general dimension repeatability,” said Mike Brostedt, Gammaflux Director of Market Development. “Monitoring multiple points of temperature, pressure and flow throughout the mold can identify problems prior to quality control rejection and document production for critical applications.”

The new Water Flow Monitor feature supports 16 analog channels (8 dual output sensors) as a standard. An optional second module would provide 32 total channels of monitoring (16 dual output sensors). It includes data logging capability whereby the user can graph a single chart for various increments for up to 4 days of continuous operation.

Water Flow Monitoring is one of Gammaflux’s three main suggested molding machine interlocks to prevent problems and potential downtime. The three interlocks include:

  1. Water/cooling input – protects water and valve gate seals
  2. OK to run output – prevents cold valve gate movement and excessive injection pressure
  3. Standby input – avoids burning the material

“All of these are simply to help molders prevent the most common problems from occurring,” said Brostedt. “They are extremely important for maximizing uptime.”

This new Water Flow Monitoring option adds to the advanced capabilities of the Gammaflux G24, which Brostedt describes as much more than just a hot runner temperature controller. “Our products have really evolved into production monitoring systems for molders,” he said. “They are so much more advanced than they were even a few years ago.”

Machine Mount Option

The second new G24 option to be introduced at NPE 2015 by Gammaflux is a machine mount bracket, designed to move the controller off the floor to keep the production cell as compact as possible. Saving floor space is a common desire for molders, especially those who employ clean room environments. This also makes the Gammaflux controller a more permanent fixture of the molding machine.

Mold cables can be routed for the least possible impact on serviceability at a distance up to 55 feet (16.8 meters). The Gammaflux interface can be also be remotely controlled with a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) Ethernet connection. The VNC connection simply remote controls the Gammaflux interface by replicating the screens and providing touch commands as though you were standing in front of the unit. The complete set of G24 hot runner controller diagnostics and features can be available on the machine display by establishing a VNC link for a clean molding cell and Gammaflux-grade hot runner optimization.

The Gammaflux Challenge

As always, Gammaflux products are available to molders on a ‘challenge’ basis. Gammaflux encourages molders to come to them with their most difficult hot runner applications with a significant amount of scrap, downtime, weight variation or other issues. The application will be reviewed and if Gammaflux believes that the problem can be solved with better hot runner control a unit will be shipped to the molder for tryout with only a $0 tracking purchase order. If the problem is solved there will be a clear payback to purchase the controller. If the problem is not solved the unit can be returned without charge; with the molder only paying for return freight. Gammaflux encourages molders to utilize its expertise and capabilities to help troubleshoot and/or improve their applications. Complete details on this service are available at

About Gammaflux

Based in Sterling, Va. U.S.A., Gammaflux L.P. is a leading supplier of temperature and sequential valve gate control systems to the plastics industry. Long known for innovation in control technology, Gammaflux developed the first products to anticipate temperature changes, sense wiring and heater problems, and react instantly to avoid serious mold damage. Combining digital capabilities with precision analog control, Gammaflux systems enable the user to achieve centralized command of molding systems and retrieve critical data for performance analysis. The company serves multiple plastics industry markets including automotive, medical, packaging, electronics, household products, and tool building.

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