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Three New Products Introduced at K 2013 – All Help Molders Increase Profitability

K 2013 – Hall 10, Stand H48 – Messe Dusseldorf, October 16-23

Sterling, VA USA (October 16, 2013) . . . GF Controls, the world’s leading supplier of hot runner temperature control systems, will launch three new products in its G24 Temperature Controller product line at K 2013. All of these products are designed to help injection molders save money and increase their bottom line.

New from Gammaflux are:

  • the new G24 12-zone enclosure;
  • an all-new ‘Mini’ touch-screen user interface, and;
  • ‘New Mold Wizard’ software for fast, easy setup and operation

The Gammaflux G24 Controller – Now Available in 12 Zones

The newest enclosure addition to the G24 product line provides users with everything they would expect from a Gammaflux control system only smaller and with more capabilities, at 12 zones of control. The ideal solution for molders running smaller hot runner system applications, the G24 12-zone enclosure features a half-size control block with 15 amps per zone control.

The 12-zone G24 is available with either the new lower-cost Gammaflux Mini touch-screen interface, or the company’s traditional full-featured interface.

New ‘Mini’ Touch-Screen Provides Full Featured Performance at Much Lower Cost

Also new from Gammaflux is the Mini touch-screen user interface. The new touch-screen is Windows-based and available with the G24 controllers for up to 48 zones of control. It is the smallest, most feature-rich and economical touch-screen interface Gammaflux has ever offered. Compared to the full-version Gammaflux touch-screen, very few features are lost with an incredibly competitive price.

New Mold Wizard Provides Fast, Easy Setup and Access to Key G24 Features

The Gammaflux New Mold Wizard is an all-new controller setup and configuration tool that makes it easy for users to setup and program their controllers. The New Mold Wizard guides the user through the setup process and makes it easy for everyone to be a controller configuration expert. It unlocks hidden profitability by more fully utilizing the advanced features of the controller and decreases setup time simultaneously.

“The Wizard helps ensure that customers are taking advantage of the key features that are built-in to the Gammaflux controllers,” said Mike Brostedt, Gammaflux Director of Market Development. “It quickly and automatically configures the system and ensures that the controller is set to detect plastic leaks in the hot runner system, predict heater failure, detect thermocouples that are underperforming and/or failing, and more.”

Detecting one plastic leak early can provide a 100% payback and save weeks of lost production. The New Mold Wizard is available with all Gammaflux G24 controllers using either touch-screen interface option.

The Gammaflux G24 Temperature Controller

Introduced in 2012, the G24 is Gammaflux’s next generation control system platform that combines the best attributes of the company’s legacy LEC and TTC hot runner temperature controls (such as Triangulated Control Technology® for sensing, controlling and actuating) with additional new features that provide the following key benefits:

  • Easier to Use – the G24 is designed to be understood with 5 minutes or less of training and programmable to automatically operate according to the industry’s best practices. The New Mold Wizard feature guides users through this process for fast, easy setup and operation.
  • Less Expensive – by leveraging the global electronics supply chain with new and fewer components, Gammaflux has succeeded in developing its most affordable controller yet that continues to provide superior performance. Cost-competitiveness is further enhanced with the introductions of the new Mini touch-screen and the new G24 12 zone enclosure.
  • Smaller – each control module has a 15 amp per zone rating, and up to 24 zones can be placed in a single control block. When compared to the Gammaflux TTC product line, a 128-zone G24 controller has a 48% smaller footprint, which saves processors valuable floor space in their plant.
  • Faster – the G24 utilizes industrial USB connectivity for a 0.1 second screen update rate. Streaming real-time control numbers to the screen allows users to better see what is happening so they can more easily diagnose problems.
  • More Flexible/Standardization – the standard two-zone 15 amp per zone and new 30 amp per zone output modules easily control both hot runner tip and manifold zones, making it easy to use across a range of molds. Gammaflux controllers work effortlessly with any brand of hot runner system; standardizing with Gammaflux allows users to pick the best hot runner supplier for their specific applications.
  • Improved Interlocks – today’s injection molds are far more sophisticated and sensitive than the tools of the past. Machine interlocks ensure that bad parts are not produced and catastrophic damage is avoided. The G24 makes interlocking easier than ever with on-screen interlock signal inversion and manual testing signals to speed setup.
  • Mold Doctor® - the Gammaflux time-tested and proven way to automate mold troubleshooting is included with the G24 control system. Elusive problems that appear suddenly and without changes to the process can be diagnosed with quantitative thermodynamic zone performance.
  • Early Material/Plastic Leak Detection – the third generation Gammaflux watt/leak alarm on the G24 alerts the user when a leak first occurs. Precise measurement of wattage can be the difference between a short trip to the tool room or weeks of lost production.
  • Five Year Warranty – every G24 controller comes with a full 5-year warranty and is backed by the industry-leading worldwide service and support that customers expect from Gammaflux. The touch screen interface has a 2-year warranty.

About Gammaflux

Based in Sterling, Va. U.S.A., GF Controls is a leading supplier of
temperature and sequential valve gate control systems to the plastics industry. Long known for innovation in control technology, Gammaflux developed the first products to anticipate temperature changes, sense wiring and heater problems, and react instantly to avoid serious mold damage. Combining digital capabilities with precision analog control, Gammaflux systems enable the user to achieve centralized command of molding systems and retrieve critical data for performance analysis. The company serves multiple plastics industry markets including automotive, medical, packaging, electronics, household products, and tool building.

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