Take the Gammaflux Challenge!

Try a Gammaflux temperature controller for two weeks on your most challenging application to see the Gammaflux difference for yourself. If you are not completely satisfied, return the controller to Gammaflux and only pay return freight.

Features and Benefits

  • Benefits that can be realized from improving temperature control on your application include:
  • Enhanced part quality
  • Reduced scrap
  • Improved part weight consistency
  • Material savings
  • Higher profit margins

To Request a Gammaflux Challenge Controller:

  • Determine the controller requirements for your application
  • Request a quote from your local representative
  • Gammaflux will evaluate the application to determine the likelihood of trial success
  • If the trial is approved, you will be invited to issue a $0 tracking purchase order for the requested quote number
  • When Gammaflux receives the trial order, you will be notified of an approximate ship date for your controller
  • Test the Gammaflux controller on your most challenging application for two weeks. Gammaflux will likely visit during the trial to provide training and process optimization. You should be very pleased with the results!
  • After two weeks, purchase the controller or return it to Gammaflux and only pay return freight*

* - if the unit is not returned you will be billed using the $0 PO number for the full amount of the quote.